About us

Instituto San Fernando

Instituto San Fernando is a private academic institution that since 1996 has been exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

We are a dynamic team, capable of offering professionalism, experience, advice and personalized attention.

Our objective is that students learn and be able to use their Spanish in a wide variety of situations and environments, and that they learn more about Spanish culture in general. As such, we strive to teach Spanish in its proper cultural context.

From day one, we focus on putting what we learn in the classroom into practice in real situations. Our method is modern, creative, friendly, effective and, above all, practical, active and highly communicative. The student is the protagonist: he/she studies and lives in a country where the language is spoken, practices what he/she has learned with the family, in class, in cultural workshops, on the street, experiencing new ways of living and thinking. But above all, he has continuous and direct contact with the environment that surrounds him and therefore he is learning everything in a very appropriate real context.

Expanding your knowledge of Spanish and its culture, both inside and outside the classroom, in an authentic context through our courses, is a very rewarding experience and the student’s progress can be seen very quickly.


Instituto San Fernando

Spanish language and culture classes.

Our programs promise to be full of new and rewarding experiences as you manage to adapt to living and studying abroad in a different culture…

Cultural/social/recreational activities with ISF coordinators.

The objective of our activities is to facilitate interpersonal relationships, not only among students…

Homestays with Spanish families.

In Instituto San Fernando, we think that living with a Spanish family is the best way to get “immersed” in the Spanish culture. All of the families that take in our students have been carefully chosen through a selection process…

We are located in many beautiful cities in Spain:

Sevilla, Valencia, Granada, Cádiz, Salamanca, Madrid, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Málaga, Alicante, Barcelona, where we organize custom-designed linguistic, cultural and professional programs for government entities, universities/colleges, and high schools.