Few cities are, like Valencia, able to combine so harmoniously hundred year old traditions with modernity. Thanks to its exceptional geographical location, Valencia has been the Spanish gateway to the Mediterranean, with the special charm that seaport cities have.

The character of the Mediterranean people, the wonderful weather, the beautiful beaches, and the wealth of its rich culture and its marvellous landscapes make this city an exceptional place to learn Spanish.

When walking through its historical streets, the visitors can see the existence of many centuries. From the remains of the Roman Forum to the emblematic “Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias” (City of the Arts and Sciences), Valencia has transformed its layout, while preserving its main monuments that are a living test to its rich history.

Excursiones desde Valencia

During the courses, we organize plenty of excursions to nearby places with the intention of giving the students the opportunity to get to know more of Spain.

All these excursions are integrated in the academic program and the highlight topics are covered in class.

All of them are carried out by a Coordinator/teacher that will be explaining, in an entertaining and amusing manner, all the important historical aspects of the city.

Xativa, Albufera, Sagunto or Requena are some of the destinations.

Important: In some cases, this may include overnight hotel stays.

Visitas culturales en Valencia

At Instituto San Fernando, we realize that the success of a Spanish language program is not solely dependent on the quality of the classes, but also the development of a cultural activities/free time program which fully immerses the student in the country’s culture.

The cultural activities component of our programs is designed to provide our students with a vision of Spanish culture and society in the most complete and integrated form possible. It is based on diverse criteria, including our high academic standards as well as the personal interests of the students.

All activities are carefully planned, discussed before and after in the classroom, include the appropriate materials and are accompanied by a specialized professor-mentor. We not only teach culture in the classroom; we allow each student to experience the most important aspects of Spanish society through a carefully structured program of cultural visits.

The Cathedral and El Miguelete, the Serrano Towers and Lonja de la Seda, the bullring, the City of Arts and Sciences, the most important museums of the city or a tour of the city walls are some of our proposals.